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Hello, Everyone. How are you doing?

Hi, and welcome to our Second Episode. Sorry for skipping a month on January.

This February was a big month for us, quite a bit happened. We launched our Patreon members site. Super exciting to see people enjoying the show and helping to support what we do. Thank you so much! We did our first ever video episode called “Konnichiwa Podcast Café”.

There were quite a few challenges involved with doing it in a video format but it was also a lot of fun to shoot and edit. We’re looking forward to making more of these in the future. February was also a record month for us in both listener growth and episode downloads. Huge thank you to everyone tuning in every week!

Fun fact: The Top 5 countries for downloads were *drum roll*

1. Japan 2. USA 3. UK 4. Australia 5. Canada In Asia, Thailand and India both entered the Top 10 this month!

Episode Recap - February 2021

episode 1 The first episode of February was “Dangerous Delicacies” where Dan introduced some foods that might be best left off the Menu. Fugu (pufferfish) is a popular delicacy in Japan despite the fact that, when prepared incorrectly, it can lead to….early retirement.

episode 2 In “Mystery Meat” My told us a bit about the history of everyone's second favorite deep fried Japanese dish - First place obviously going to karaage^^. Did you know those Portugese ships were carrying more than just questionably hygienic sailors?

episode 3 “Scalpers and Sexism” was a bit of this and a bit of that. Yurie told us about a scene that developed after Twitter rumors got out of hand. Spoiler: Dan still doesn’t have a PS5.

episode 4 In the final episode of the month, My tells us about some of the traditions around Hina Matsuri or “Girl’s Festival”. Might need to take notes, there’s a lot going on here. A 7-tiered tower of dolls , ritual batons, musicians, and three different colors of mochi involved.

Looking forward to March and the sakura and hanami parties that come with it. Till next time - Dan, My, and Yurie

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