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What should I prepare?Etiquette for Attending a Wedding in Japan #1.

Hi everyone, today I’d like to talk about the etiquette for attending a wedding in Japan. Have you ever been to a wedding of a friend or family member in Japan?

Some customs are the same worldwide, while some are unique. Let’s take a look at some of these.

What to consider before attending a wedding #1.

[ Fashion ] What to Wear

For women


A dress, usually knee length, is the usual acceptable attire for an attendee. Please also wear stockings.


・Open -toe heels

It is better to avoid wearing any open toe heels or flat shoes.

Anything that reveals too much of one’s shoulders.

If one is planning to wear a kimono, generally, single women should wear a Furisode and married women should wear a Homongi, Tsukesage, or an Iromuku.

For men

Generally, men should wear a black or dark colored suit with a white shirt. Men should also use a white or silver tie and formal black leather shoes.

For all attendees

It is important to not be more eye-catching than the bride and groom.

White and red colors are reserved for celebrations while black is for funerals.

For weddings, whether it be a Japanese style wedding or a Western style one, please avoid wearing things like white suits or white dresses. Also avoid wearing black dresses or using black ties with black suits.

One should also avoid wearing any furs to a wedding as furs remind people of killing.

[ Items ] What should I bring?

For weddings all over the world there are some common items people bring such as a handkerchief, a wallet, or a camera but there are two uniquely Japanese items that one must bring to a wedding in Japan. These two things are a Goshugi and a Fukusa.

I will introduce what are "Goshugi" and "Fukusa" in next time.

Next up: a Goshugi, Gift money in Japan.