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Five useful websites when searching for information to start a business in Fukuoka, Japan

What do you need when coming to Fukuoka city in Japan to start a business?

Fukuoka city is a great place to live in and start your own business in Japan. This is not only for Japanese nationalities but non-Japanese nationalities who would like to start a business, too.

Check out Why Fukuoka? published by Fukuoka city

Even while Fukuoka is a great place for business owners and entrepreneurs, having reliable information is essential for a successful business plan.

As a starter pack, I will introduce 5 useful resources which may help one's research. Please check these links to make an informed decision on starting a business in Japan.

Five useful links of curating information to start a business in Japan.

  1. The official Fukuoka City website to find public services.

  2. The public releases by "Startup City Fukuoka" project

  3. Public Facility for startups "Fukuoka Growth Next" (FGN) in Fukuoka City

  4. The oldest English newspaper in Japan "Japan Today"

  5. Fukuoka Real Estate "Miyoshi Fudosan" to Find a place to live

Since Fukuoka city is rising as a leader of economics in Asia, there are global opportunities to grow a business there in the near future. Regarding the administrative services linked above, I recommend confirming the information on public administration websites and in Japan, and if you have any questions, please contact them directly.

At Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN), No.3 above, people can book a free consultation to start a business with a professional such as a lawyer, tax accountant, labor attorney and so on.

To look for a place to live, “Miyoshi Fudosan”, one of the biggest real estate companies in Fukuoka, welcomes people of non-Japanese nationalities. Please check out their website, No.5 above.

To catch daily news in Japan, Japan Today is one of the oldest English newspapers in Japan, covering many topics including politics, business, and culture.

In addition to these links you can read about real stories from people in Fukuoka on my "Anytips.jp" website, covering real business experiences in Japan.

I am also collecting information on what people want to know about before coming to Japan. If you have any topics of questions, please send via inquiry form on Anytips.jp!

Hope you learn something.

See you again!

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