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Come to Fukuoka for your business!

Hi, Everyone. Thank for visiting my blog.

I’m writing this because I want to tell what I experienced and knew in Fukuoka.

I have experienced working at a IT startup company in Fukuoka. When I first entered the company, I was an outsourcer, performing accounting work and also as a HR assistant. (That sounds already a lot of tasks to prove they’re startup company right? I haven’t experienced working for the both of categories at same time before.)

I even haven’t experienced working in English before, although I was educated to learn English for over 10 years at school. However it was my first actual social experience to use English at an office. I’m originally from Japan, and I’m native Japanese speaker who graduated from elementary school to university in Japan.

I enjoyed a lot and learnt a great deal through working in English and with a team from diverse backgrounds.

Also, because I really love Fukuoka city. Fukuoka city is a really nice place to live and work however I believe there is still not enough information in English about the real use cases regarding business. So I found a gap and I would like to try share my experience working in Fukuoka in English.

Please utilise my experiences to help you start your new business in Japan.

Why Fukuoka?

Have you ever come to Fukuoka before? If so, Thank you!

If you’re considering coming to Fukuoka, please come!

Let me give a few pages to talk about Fukuoka city.

Fukuoka is now the fifth biggest of the “region core cities“ designated by the government of Japan. Over 1.5 million people live in, more than San Diego in California, Austin in Texas, 3rd times larger than Hague‘s population in Switzerland. ( in 2019 )

Without saying anything, Searching Google for Fukuoka would tell you Fukuoka is a good place to go for finding tasty and cheap food. Yes, it’s true even among Japanese.

Fukuoka is one of the most popular place for business people to answer if you ask them.

“Where was the best place ever for a business trip?”.

Yes, it’s true. Some business people even would like to not go back to Tokyo because the food here is really nice and cheap.

I’m fed up with only seeing food information when I google “Fukuoka”. That doesn’t match my daily experience in Fukuoka.

I want people to come to Fukuoka not only for food.

So, please come to Fukuoka for the long term and start a business here to see the real Fukuoka. I hope my experiences will be a small tip for your next journey.

Welcome to entrepreneurs.

Fukuoka is the one of most passionate places that people from around the world are coming to and starting business more than before, since there is a lot of public support for entrepreneurs by Fukuoka City.

What did this happen?

Fukuoka city was designated one of the as “National Strategic Zones of Japan” by the government of Japan in 2014, being one of the easiest cities to start a business. For this new zone‘s benefits, Fukuoka city became the best city to start a business, having the highest rate of entrepreneurs among all of designated cities including Tokyo 23 wards.

And regarding the population of youth in Fukuoka city, the rate of teenagers and 20’s in population was No.1 in 2017.

Also the rate of increasing the population of people moved from other countries in 2018 was also No.1 in Japan.

( reference : http://facts.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/ )

Fukuoka is the one of most passionated places in Japan.

People from around the world are coming to, and younger in Japan too.

It’s so pleasure for me to seeing this miracle happened and also I’m so happy to meet new people from other regions too.

Why could it happen?

Let’s digging the point why people from overseas are coming to Fukuoka city?

In 2018, Fukuoka city started issue “Startup Visa“, the special VISA for 6 months ( maximum for a year in total ) for non-Japanese entrepreneur who has an ambitious to start your business in Fukuoka.

In addition, there are some supports for entrepreneurs such as free consultation meetings where you can hear legal advice from tax accountant, lawyer and other specialists too. These supports are also organized by Fukuoka city as the benefit of being one of national strategic region as I explained above. Thus all of cities are not designated as Fukuoka city can manage. These original supports are also confirmed by Ministry of economy, trades and industry of Japan, based on the project of supporting new entrepreneurs to come to Japan.

“Startup VISA”

( reference : https://www.meti.go.jp/english/policy/economy/startup_nbp/startup_visa.html )

Did you know that? For me, I’ve heard of it before however since I’m Japanese so that doesn’t effect a lot to keep watching it out.

I will update other topics too.

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