• Shiori W

Let’s ask to Eshan #3 How to take a local bus in Japan?

Hello, everyone who miss Japan in the world.

The wave of COVID-19 has been expanding across the world again. Is everyone fine?

I hope everyone is fine and stays safe at home.

Today, Eshan will introduce how to take a local bus in Japan.

What people can see on this video?

In this video, Eshan shows a view inside a bus so that one can see and listen to the sounds which people might hear when taking a bus. Please enjoy a view on a bus which people see daily in Japan.

Let’s ask Eshan about his actual comment

- What was the good points of taking a bus in Japan. There are so many good points. The one of them are... I really like time management system. Japanese buses are on time. Actually in my country (Sri Lanka) the busses never come on time.

And not only about the point, I really like the drivers who drive Japanese busses.

They are kind and humble. My father is also a bus driver in Sri Lanka.

Second, It's an interesting story for me.

In Srilanka we stand up before bus stops where we want to get off.

While in Japan I experienced the bus drivers announced "please sit down and wait until the bus stops".It is really interesting to me. That is not what happens in Sri Lanka.

Actually Taking a bus in Japan is very safe. Also on time. I really like taking a bus.

What do you think?

See you next time.