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Let’s ask to Eshan #2 How to eat raw fish and sushi at a sushi restaurant in Japan?


Today, Eshan will introduce how to order a sushi at a Japanese "kaiten sushi restaurant", a sushi go-round restaurant.

The tips which may help people to order sushi smoothly and enjoy more, before going to a sushi go-round restaurant, are:

  • How to make a hot green tea.

  • Pouring soy sauce a bit and dip sushi and eat.

  • Order via a touch-display

  • People should pay after eating

Let’s ask Eshan about his actual experiences of trying a raw fish and sushi:

SUSHI was the most hated food of mine, but it became as my forever favorite plate..


Most of Japanese people eat raw fish as usual thing,

Honestly, I have had to face many of co-incidents of eating a raw fish and it really disgusted me when I was in Japan,

Because as Srilankan, we never gonna try it with this manner, thus we are enriched with many delicious fish recipes with many different types.

But one day, when I was in Japan, I went to Sushi restaurant with my Japanese buddies and I got a chance to try sushi for very first time in my life.. eehmmmm yeah it was kind of difficult moment for me.. but when I try it..

OMG um out of my mind. It's damn delicious food I ever tried in my life.. yes when we see a raw fish, it makes pretty much odd sense but when I try it, it has own kind of taste.. by and by.

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