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Cross Culture Tips#1 Konnichiwa Podcast, daily conversation via Japanese - English Podcast Program.

Hello, Everyone. How are you doing?

Have you ever experienced cultural differences and getting over in Japan?

Anytips.jp will release a new series to share cross culture tips and tips for learning Japanese and English with use cases of cultural differences.

The Konnichiwa podcast team delivers a bilingual Podcast episode weekly to help people improve their language skills and enjoy a variety of topics including trends and news in Japan.

Have you ever heard of Konnichiwa Podcast? Let's see who they are.

What is Konnichiwa Podcast?

The Konnichiwa Podcast is a bilingual English-Japanese podcast. Dan, My, and Yurie started with the goal of creating a show where Japanese and English speakers of all levels could improve their language skills and have fun in the process.

With topics ranging from the latest news stories, life in Japan, to the history of ramen, the Konnichiwa Podcast aims to entertain while giving listeners a glimpse into international communication.

What is unique about of Konnichiwa Podcast?

Dan, My, and Yurie, all come from different backgrounds. - Dan knows and grew up both in the United States and Japan. My grew up in the Netherlands and currently lives in Japan, and Yurie grew up in Japan and studied abroad in South Korea and the United States. Every episode, they talk about different views on a single topic. .And naturally they have a fun time on each episode. It is a natural and relaxed atmosphere where one may learn Japanese or English with cultural difference and usecases.

Original content will be released via Anytips.jp.

Monthly Recap via Konnichiwa Podcast.

Starting this month, Anytips.jp will share a monthly summary of their episodes which their released episodes Please listen and enjoy diverse topics including the latest news, trends and what they find in Japan.

Recap of Konnichiwa Podcast December, 2020.

December brought a wide range of topics to the Konnichiwa Podcast. Kicking it all off was Yurie with an introduction to some unusual daikou services. Daikou services basically act as a proxy for you when you want something done but are either unable or unwilling to do it yourself - like apologizing ^^. In “A Long Tamago” we welcomed TV personality and fellow podcaster Bobby Judo on the show! It was a lot of fun getting to hear some of his experiences as a foreign talento working in Japan. We even got to try our hand at some puns in Japanese - some with more success than others.

Next, in Moving on Up! My gave us some of the backstory on a couple of local Fukuoka restaurants that made it big - Ippudo and Ichiran. With locations all over the country, they are bringing Hakata’s take on ramen to the rest of the nation as well as overseas!

And finally, to close out the year, Dan introduced a talented mask maker in “Face Off”. A Tokyo shop will begin selling photo realistic masks at the beginning of 2021. The Konnichiwa Podcast talked a bit about the pros and cons becoming masters of disguise.

Looking forward to a fun-filled 2021 - Happy New Year, everyone!