• Shiori W

Happy New Year 2021 - Shiori's diary

Happy New Year for everyone who visited my site Anytips.jp.

Thank you for reading and supporting my articles. How is your new year day? Doing well?

This year 2021 is "Ushi doshi (丑年)", an ox year in Japanese zodiac.

We saw ox and cows on new year cards.

Greeting cards are very nice to receive some times. I like to see these illustrations which are very different but all of them describe the same theme for a new year every time. It brings a fun time to talk about with family in a new year morning.

I wish I would be able to see people more than last year in 2021.

In general, since I have a big family from grandfather to kids of cousins, every year starts from a loud laugh voice.

Today, even a new year day of 2021, it is really calm, and quiet.

Due to coronavirus, we've been staying home for all of holidays and spending relaxed time instead of going to grandparents' home and doing traditional customs and behaviors such as eating a lot of "Osechi" which is a very traditional dishes and people eat on a new year day, and also drinking with many people including family and friends.

Since there are plenty of time,

I'm thinking of what I'd like to do for 2021. I will try keep writing about the real experiences what people had in Japan when they started own business.

How is everyone spending a new year day?

Hope this year, 2021would be a great one for people in the world.