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Three ways to make your days more comfortable during the rainy season in Japan.

Tsuyu, the Japanese rainy season starts around the middle of June every year.

It is very muggy and humid during this time.

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, the humidity gets up to around 75% from June to August. During tsuyu, doing one’s hair is more difficult and time-consuming. Mold may grow quicker in rooms or on clothes. Food poisoning also tends to occur more often than in other seasons.

The rainy and humid days tend to make people stay home more and exercise less.

Because of this people sweat less and blood flow is slower. People may also feel gloomier. There has already been a day in June of this year where the temperature reached over 30 degrees Celsius.

Today, I will share three tips with you on how to feel more comfortable during the rainy season.

1. Use bamboo charcoal (竹炭) and a dehumidifier.

Bamboo charcoal has numerous tiny holes on its surface so it is good for absorbing the moisture in the air and taking care of odors. When the air gets dry it also releases the moisture it retained from before. It’s good to put some pieces of bamboo charcoal in the corners of closets, in places where you keep shoes, and in other places that don't have good air circulation.

Some people place small pieces of bamboo charcoal on tables as a part of a room’s décor. If you would like to dehumidify a room, I recommend using a dehumidifier because it would take around 10kg of bamboo charcoal to absorb the humidity of one room.

2. Go to an Onsen (hot springs) or a Ganban’yoku (hot stone spa)

When the humidity in the air is over 70% it can make it difficult for your body to sweat. When the coronavirus pandemic is over, I recommend going to an onsen (hot spring) or a ganban’yoku (hot stone spa) in Japan. Going to these places and sweating helps improve your blood circulation and refreshes you. These days you are allowed to bring smartphones or manga into ganban’yoku (hot stone spa) so it is easy to pass the time in one.

Here are the links to websites for popular onsen (hot springs) and ganban’yoku (hot stone spas) in Fukuoka.

Teriha spa resort *A free shuttle bus from hakata station is available.

Inspa Fukuoka (*JP website only) easy to access from Tenjin station

Man-yo no yu (Open 24 hours, 7 days a week) Free shuttle bus from Hakata station/ located near the airport

3. Eat Spicy Foods

Another way to get sweating and improve your mood is to eat spicy foods.

In Fukuoka, there are lot of great Asian restaurants people can enjoy and get sweat such as Thai food, Srilanka curry, Korean food, and Chinese food so on. There is a large variety of great Asian restaurants in Fukuoka where you can enjoy spicy foods. There is great Thai food, Sri Lankan food, Korean food, Chinese food, and many other cuisines.

Whether eating at a restaurant or at home, spicy food helps improve your mood in hot muggy weather.

I personally recommend these restaurants that are close to the center of Fukuoka city.

Please try them if you visit Fukuoka.

Olu Olu (A restaurant that serves a variety of ethnic cuisine including Indian curry, Vietnamese pho, and Thai tom yum soup.)

Ceyron (Spicy Sri Lankan curry restaurant)

San-mi (Spicy tomato ramen) * When ordering plain tomato ramen, I recommending adding on the extra cheese topping and when ordering spicy tomato ramen, I recommend adding on risotto.

Naoya (not spicy but a tasty Chinese restaurant) *taking a taxi is the easiest way to get there.

How was today’s tip?

Humidity of rainy season might get mold grow fast and make your body and mind feel gloomy. The humid weather of the rainy season might cause mold to grow quicker and make you feel lethargic or gloomy. Please try the things I talked about to help remain happy and healthy during this time of year. Also please remember to wear a mask and bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer when going out! Also please forget not wearing a mask!

See you again!

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