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The merits of “Startup Cafe” in Fukuoka city.

What is "Startup Cafe" in Fukuoka?

Fukuoka city has a public office called “startup cafe“ whose purpose is to support entrepreneurs who wish to start a business and has resources that they can use for free.

( reference : https://startupcafe.jp/en/startup-cafe/ )

Where is "Startup Cafe" in Fukuoka?

Startup Cafe is located in Daimyo, the center of the Tenjin area, about a 5 minute walk from Fukuoka Tenjin Station ( on the Nishitetsu Omuta Line).

When you walk from Tenjin Station, you will find a unique white building with interesting architecture on the right side of the street.

That’s “Fukuoka Growth Next“, a public facility that supports startups and entrepreneurs in Fukuoka city.

( Check from here : https://growth-next.com/en/facility )

In there, after going into the entrance, you will find the ”Startup cafe” on the ground floor.

What people can do at Startup Cafe?

People can use free Wi-Fi and a desk during 10:00~22:00 everyday except the new year’s holiday in the Japanese Calendar.

Also there are the books related to starting business, you can read for free. (They are mainly written in Japanese)

There are events such as meetups and pitches that can help any potential business owners network and establish connections.

( Please check the latest information and events on their Facebook page from here

https://www.facebook.com/pg/startupcafefukuoka/posts/?ref=page_internal )

People can also reserve a meeting with a lawyer, an accountant and other financial specialists from Japan Financial Corporation, a kind of public bank in Japan where you can get a loan with lower interest rates and who is more lenient towards entrepreneurs than other private banks. One can also get business support for free.

It’s pretty useful and also free. Startup Cafe can provide valuable opportunities to boost the chances of your business's success. Please make sure that you book a meeting in advance on their website or via email. There are some specialists who can have a meeting with in English as well. You might also feel relieved when you find someone who you can talk to and share your ideas with in English, especial in Japan. Some of you also might think “Oh finally...I’ve got a support. It’s done and my future is going to be bright!”

Establishing your business in another country is truly a big challenge.

Starting your own business is great experience, and a big challenge in one's long life.

To be honest, even if you are giving it your all, it's really hard and sometimes it will hurt your pride or ambition. There are tons of things to do to make your idea happen. You will have to find team members, contract office supplies, legal items, and find clients in Japan, a country sometimes referred to as the most Eastern island in the world.

Please do not only rely on yourself. You will need a good team to achieve your goal.

Please not miss the opportunities.

Also since Fukuoka city officially announced that they were aiming to make the international competitiveness stronger and improve the employment rate though supporting the entrepreneurs from all over the world.

A potential entrepreneur has a better chance to get financial and VISA support in Fukuoka than in other Japanese cities.

In addition, after establishing your corporation in Fukuoka city, you might receive a reduced of corporation tax rate under the specific regulations. Not only people but some cities are changing in Japan. Please check which cities are welcoming.

Many people from other countries have already come to Fukuoka to chase their dreams and establish their businesses.

Also at startup cafe, there are the specialists who can advise you from a legal and a financial point of view. That shows Fukuoka city's willingness to support business ideas from overseas and is a pro to starting a business there.

When you take a walk around the city, you will see that Fukuoka is not a part of the typical Japanese countryside anymore.

( reference : https://www.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/keizai/r-support/business/startupviza_english.html

https://startup.fukuoka.jp/startup-package/ )

*Please confirm the latest update of covid-19 pandemic also Fukuoka city's announcement.

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