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New Team Member “Eshan” and new series is coming on Anytips.jp!

Hello, everyone. How are you doing?

This summer, many visitors came on my blog site, “Anytips.jp”.

Thank you everyone for coming to my site. Also many of you were from Asian countries including India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and so on. I wondered if there was someone who could build a cultural bridge together.

Today, I’d like to introduce our new team member, Eshan!


Eshan Malinda

He was an exchange student at Shinshu University in Japan, from Sri Lanka.

He majors Japanese language at University of Kelaniya, and he is a YouTuber and making videos to build a cultural bridge between Sri Lanka and Japan.

We will introduce his videos especially about daily tips of Japanese lifestyle, once two weeks. In his videos, there are some English subtitles and also Sinhala language (which is a native language of Sri Lanka) translation as well.

His YouTube videos will help you to understand how to live and daily tips in Japan. Please check out and learn tips before coming to Japan!

New series:

#Let’s Ask to Eshan <EN/LK>

Publish term: once / two weeks.

Introducing the videos of daily tips in Japan made by Eshan

Message from Eshan

Hello, I’m Eshan Malinda from Sri Lanka also I'm an undergraduate of University Kelaniya in my country and I'm studying Japanese Language as my major subject in there. Also, I have recieved Monbu Kagakusho scholarship and studied Shinshu University till this September 2020 .

I really love Japan. Not only county, actually, I love the things that country holds such as Japanese Culture and custom people, foods etc. That customs, behaviors of that people make a sense of humor and that makes a good partnership, friendship in both countries. But sad to say most of Japanese don’t know about our country. Some of them don't know exactly where we in.

Well, I started a YouTube channel to bring out my country to world who doesn't know exactly what we are. and the magical land we live in, So, here I start my Journey with holding both hands of Japan and Sri Lanka. So, let's meet!! Simple steps to follow

Go to YouTube

Type #Tabi Saki or click here

Click the subscribe button with bell icon and now, just hold my Hand and here your travel begins with ESHAN.. යං

Eෂා Eක්KA රට වටේ.. යං යං Yan..



Thank you

See you in next time!