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General Information 

The information on this website, (hereinafter also referred to as "This website" "the website" or "we".)  is a personal blog site to post original content what the author has experienced in Japan and share the information regarding business culture in Japan. (Including images.)

Purpose of use is a personal blog site which is based on the experiences that the author has had in Japan.

We collect the personal information


・to send an email magazine so that they can receive content regularly.

・to send a reply to any inquiry which users send through the contact form via the website.


What kind of information do we collect and use?

AWe collect personal information such as your name, email address, and other details which you send to us through the contact form on the website for both of the reasons above. Please make sure to check the checkbox to agree the Privacy Policy before sending your inquiry via the website.

Regarding your inquiries via contact form, we will use it as a reference to improve our operation and to provide better services through the website.


Compliance with laws and regulations

This site complies with the laws relating to personal information and related laws and regulations in Japan, such as the guidelines of the competent authorities.


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On this website, we use Google Analytics to understand the usage status of the website and improve our website better. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user information.

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This site has installed advertisements provided by Google and its partners (third-party distribution operators). The advertisement is provided, using cookies, and the advertisement is distributed based on the past access information to the website.

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Amazon Affiliate Program

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. To maintain my research and writing articles to share the information of Japanese business culture, participates on Amazon Affiliate Program. 

Rakuten Affilitate 

I earn from qualifying purchases. To maintain my research and writing articles to share the information of Japanese business culture, participates on Rakuten Affiliate Program.



Update of privacy policy

This policy can be updated when the website’s owner decides it to be necessary depending on the situation. In that case, we will notify you on the website and will notify the customers who registered in the e-mail magazine in the same way we send an email magazine of content to the registered e-mail address.


Restrictions on use and provision

The website will not use the collected information excepting the purpose above, however in the case that the website will share the collected information for the purposes if there is a request for disclosure based on laws, illegal access such as unauthorized access, threats to protect the life of owner and related staff, etc., or other special reasons.


Security management

The collected personal information will be strictly managed by the homepage administrator, and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent leakage, misappropriation, falsification, etc. Personal information that no longer needs to be stored for the purpose of collection will be securely and promptly erased.


Copyright has copyright of the information on this site, except for signatures. This information cannot be altered without permission. Please comply with the Copyright Act.



Links to this site are free in principle, except for signed articles, but we do not allow arrange our content after we published. When you link our content, please make sure to put clearly the quotation source. It would be great if you inform us via the contact form on the website.


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In order to read and use the website comfortably, we recommend to update your browser to the latest version.



The website might not be able to be shown depending on the type of your device and download speed and we apologize that we are not taking the responsibility of any trouble which was caused by your IT environment.

We’re posting what authors experienced and we thought in Japan based on what we actually found. Thus some information might be different from what readers experienced in Japan.  Since it is due to the personal experiences, we would apologize that we are not able to take the responsibility of the cost and damage.

We reserved the following rights,

・to close the website without announcement in advance.

・to update the website and privacy policy  without announcement in advance.

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